Teacher´s Guide First Grade 2017


This Teacher´s Guide has been developed to provide English teachers of first grade with the guidelines on how to effectively use various resources and pedagogical strategies with the intention of helping learners develop the knowledge, skills and abilities set in the new English syllabus for this level. As a result, learners can achieve an expected level of performance in the target language according to the CEFR. We believe that you know your students best and therefore we encourage you to freely adapt what you find here so that it responds to the needs and context of your learners.

This guide consists of six units. Each unit lesson plan comes along with the learner´s exit profile for the level, the scenarios and themes for the cycle and the scope and sequence of each unit within a timeline of six weeks. The scope and sequence provides a systematic scaffolding of the general and linguistic competences required for the development of the communicative competence.


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