Mock Exam- Practice for Bachillerato Exam.

This is a mock exam to help students prepare for the bachillerato exam.

It includes readings for the different themes, an answer sheet for students to record their answers and a sheet with the correct answers.

This material was shared by Nicoya English Advisory.

You can get more resources for bachillerato in this link.


Distribución priorizada de ítems Prueba de Bachillerato de Inglés 2018, Modalidad Académica

In attention to the actions for the application of the National English Test of the academic modality (ordinary call 2018 and extraordinary 2019), established in the circular DM-0060-10-2018, the document "Prioritized distribution of items English 2018 " is attached. In the same way, this circular is attached for the corresponding reading and to access the different web links to which it refers.

Recursos Digitales

This space is being created for English teachers to find resources for personal and professional growth in the field. Teachers may get tips to improve their linguistic competences, read digital magazines, articles, as well as material to be used in class. Topics are varied and teachers will select the information they find useful according to their interests and needs. 

Resources for High School

Cyberlab Teens
This website was developed by Dr. Allen Quesada Pacheco, UCR, to practice reading comprehension skills and MEP bachillerato test. It is suitable for high school students who are in tenth and eleventh grades at MEP. It is intended to help students with reading comprehension, vocabulary exercises, and reading strategy exercises.

Teacher's Guide for 2nd grade - Full version


This guide supports English teachers in the process of  implementing the new English syllabus.

Teachers will find recommendations for teaching phonemic awareness.

It also provides the scope and sequence with the distribution of goals, assessment strategies, themes, sentence frames, discourse markers, phonemic awareness, vocabulary and social language for every week.  

Since teachers are the ones who know their students best, they may adapt the mediation strategies in the weekly lesson plans, so that they respond to the needs and context of their learners. 

Evaluación de los talleres de Inglés para la Conversación en Colegios de Innovación

Este documento brinda una serie de pautas a considerar para la evaluación de los Talleres de Inglés para la Conversación en los Colegios de innovación Educativa. 

Se basa en los documentos "Orientaciones administrativas y curriculares de los talleres de idioma inglés para la conversación (INCO) del Programa de Innovación Educativa" y "La Prueba Oral para Medir la Comprensión y Producción Oral en Lenguas Extranjeras"

Se espera sea un recurso de apoyo a los docentes de inglés en dichos colegios.

Resource Kit for LEBS and Bilingual Groups 7th Grade

In the Action-Oriented Approach, the learner of a language is viewed as a member of society who has tasks to accomplish in a given set of circumstances, in a specific environment and within a particular field of action. Those tasks are set in a context that learners face in everyday life within domains and scenarios.

Teacher's Guide for 8th grade - New Syllabus

This module focuses on supporting English teachers in the process of understanding and implementing the new English syllabus. This document contains a range of resources and key elements to help English teachers understand the concepts and principles of the curricular English teaching and learning reform.

Teachers will find the scope and sequence with the distribution of goals, assessment strategies, themes, sentence frames, discourse markers, phonology, vocabulary and social language for every week.  

33rd National Conference for Teachers of English

The English advisory invites all elementary and high school English teachers to participate in the 33rd National Conference of Teachers of English. It will take place at Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano, from January 24th to January 26th 2018.

For more information check the attachment  and for  registration visit: www.nctecostarica.or.cr


Practice For Bachillerato

In order to support English teachers prepare their students for Bachillerato Exam, this material that comes from the second edition of TEFL for MEP-High School offers ideas and activities to use in the class.

The units selected correspond to the topics that, in the region of Alajuela, may be improved according to the results from the national test in 2016.