This is a valuable resource for the learning of English. It consists of a series of mini books for first, second and third grades aligned to the new English syllabus. This project was developed cooperatively by the Departmen of Technological Resources, Curricular Department and Peace Corps.

Recursos Digitales

This space is being created for English teachers to find resources for personal and professional growth in the field. Teachers may get tips to improve their linguistic competences, read digital magazines, articles, as well as material to be used in class. Topics are varied and teachers will select the information they find useful according to their interests and needs. 

Schools of Innovation: Workshop for Conversational English, ninth grade

The purpose of this document is to provide the ninth grade teachers of the workshop for conversational English, in schools of innovation, with the guidelines and tools to design their  workshops and plan their lessons.

It has three components:
1.    Guidelines.
2.    Workshop components
3.    Planning framework.

Meeting with American teachers and principals

A group of American teachers will meet with English teachers from circuito 07 (Poas) in order to explain how both educational systems work, as well as to exchange ideas on the main challenges they face. The meeting will be held on July 27th and it is the result of the coordinated work of Immersion Abroad Costa Rica, circuito 07 supervisor and the English Advisory.